Carne Tattoo is located in the heart of Lower Johnson, Victoria B.C our talented artists have the skill set to bring you a myriad of tattoos in many different styles. 


If it's a first time tattoo, a new addition to the collection or the beginning of a complex piece Bart Van Der Eyden, Dave Hadden, Shannon Hayward or Andrew Robertson have the skills to draw up anything to fit your style. Book your appointment today.


Bart Van Der Eyden

Bartholomeus Van Der Eyden has been tattooing professionally since 1997, starting his career here in Victoria B.C. In 2002 Bart moved to Europe working first in Amsterdam then Barcelona, this is where he gained a lot of his tattoo stylings mixing both European and North American styles. After 7 years in Europe he returned to Vancouver Island and began work at Black and Blue Tattoo in Nanaimo for 4 years before finally settling back into his old stomping grounds in Victoria. After many years traveling the globe and learning from amazing and talented people Bart has now successfully opened up Carne Tattoo and has the new title of proud business owner. Although he is great at many styles Traditional Japanese, European Japanese and free hand tattoos are among his favourite.


Dave Hadden

Dave Hadden began his career in the Debths of Mordor affectionately know to the locals as Prince George. He has two passions in life Cats and Tats this is what spurred him to began an apprenticeship in Kamloops in 2008.  Dedicating most of his tattoo career to Various great institutions on Vancouver Island he officially began calling Victoria B.C home in 2010. Most recently Dave has made the move to Carne Tattoo after a great 4 and 1/2 year run at another great local shop, Empire Tattoo. With an affluent knowledge of the outdoors he often creates many nature and woodland themed tattoos and loves drawing inspiration from his Island surroundings. He is versed in many Tattoo styles however he holds a special fondness for Neo Traditional and Illustrative Tattoo designs.





Shannon Hayward

Shannon Hayward

Kailey Van Der Eyden

Kailey Van Der Eyden has been in the customer service field for the last ten years and has always loved working with people, gaining a diverse background ranging from managing Skate shops to Smoke shops. She has always had a strong fascination and passion for body modification, joining a Sideshow troupe on Vancouver Island only strengthened that love. Being involved in the body modification scene for years both on and off stage it was these experiences that Kailey gained an appreciation for the beauty in the strange, she brings that unyielding respect for the tattoo community and a strong business sense to her shop Carne Tattoo as a Co-Owner and the front end management for the amazing artists she gets to work beside.

Andrew Robertson

Andrew comes to Victoria by way of Courtney B.C in 2007 where he spent his youth setting off bottle rockets in the boonies or skating around town into the wee hours of the night and has spent all his free time since then with a skateboard or pencil in his hand. Andrew first established himself in the industry as a prominent clipcord and foot pedal builder, melding his two loves of tattooing and skateboarding into his skate truck foot pedals for many of the local artists here in Victoria. Soon he graduated to a more high-tech wireless foot pedal he and a partner patented in 2017. We were lucky enough to gain him as an apprentice in 2016 and have enjoyed his skill and charm ever since. With an easy to approach attitude and that boy next door charm you only get from growing up in a small town, Andrew is a great option for your next collection piece. Some of his favourite things to tattoo are American Traditional and he especially excels at Script work having experience with numerous different styles.